How to Treat and Prevent Ice Dams

Shopping List for How to Treat and Prevent Ice Dams: 

- Ice melt or rock salt 

- Additional insulation  

Steps for How to Treat and Prevent Ice Dams: 

1. To fight existing ice dams, try placing ice melt or rock salt in an old sock or a paper bag and toss it onto the dam, allowing for drainage. 

2. To prevent future ice dams, look to increase insulation in attics and/or roof rafters.  

How to Install Ice-Melting Roof Cables

Master electrician for Ask This Old House Scott Caron helps a homeowner install heat cables on his roof to stop ice dams. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)   

Shopping List for How to Install Ice-Melting Roof Cables: 

- Electric heat cable kit 

- Shingle clips 

Tools for How to Install Ice-Melting Roof Cables: 

- Power drill 

- Flathead screwdriver 

Small Roof Leaks Might Require Bigger Tarps 

Click on this link for more ideas about building repairs, remodeling and new home construction. This video will give you a better understanding of why you might need to cover larger areas on your roof with a larger tarp or at least go over the ridge or peak. Small tarps can drastically reduce the amount of water leaking, but might not stop it entirely. 

How to shingle your room

Shingling a roof is VERY DANGEROUS

Did you know a 1/3 of construction fatalities are from falling off a roof?

If you do decide to shingle your roof please make sure you have the proper safety equipment.

  • Harness
  • A Line Attached  To The Ridge
  • Staging Safety Rails Around It 

J Adams Roofing Inc recommends always hiring a professional roofer.  The reason is to ensure you get the job done professionally; but the most important thing is for your safety.

How To: Identifying a Failing Roof and Danger Signals

 GAF- Mastering The Roof